The Refectory Table

I’ve been working on a new project called The Refectory Table.  It provides creative business courses and other services for small businesses and creative people who want to ‘get better at the business of being creative’.  The project will be run initially from home with my partner Pete Mosley, for small groups of people, provide a relaxing and productive environment and great food.

One of the first things required is of course a website!  So I set about looking at the various ‘self-build’ options.  In order to turn the vision for The Refectory Table into reality we decided to steer away from standard templates and lots of glossy photos and looked for something a bit more individual and creative.

We’d bumped into Kay van-Bellen at the Craft.Design.Contemporary event at Nottingham Contemporary. So a few months later when we were trying to visualize our site Kay’s work came straight back into mind.

We invited Kay to visit and told her the story of The Refectory Table, she took photos of objects in our home and developed a fantastic portfolio of images for us which we have used not only on our website, but on twitter, Facebook etc. too.  We’ve had lots of great feedback and really enjoy working with the images.

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See the website here –

Kay’s been busy working on a range of new prints and ceramics – and also on a new collection of paintings.  Take a minute or two to find out about more about Kay and her lovely work here