Vintage & Ephemera at Jackdaw Bygones

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There’s a flea market every Friday in Loughborough – it’s worth a stroll around as there’s always something new to see.  Jackie’s stall was always a draw for me with its piles of linen, embroidered tablecloths and interesting ephemera – so I was delighted to discover she’d set up shop at 17 Churchgate as ‘Jackdaw Bygones’.

Jackie has filled the shop with her beautifully laundered antique and vintage linen.  I particularly love the embroidered tablecloths – they remind me of my Gran embroidering flowers on hers using silks that still come wrapped with two shiny black & gold paper bands.

Now she has more space you’ll not only find linen, but also bedding, kitchenalia, patterns, leather buttons, sheet music and a whole lot more.  You won’t find any of the stock online as Jackie has quite enough to do when she gets home at the moment.  More stock has arrived since I took these photos, so get in there and make your discoveries!

After a chat I left with the very items that had attracted my eye to the window – a pair of 1950’s ‘Steam & Sentiment’ curtains by Moygashel that are now destined for a new incarnation.