Oakley Grange Farm, Café & Delicatessen

It was Saturday. We’d been glued to our various screens for various reasons. A change of scene was required – “Come on Pete, get your coat on, you’re taking me out for a cup of tea and slice of cake.”

So, duly surprised but agreeable Pete concurred and off we went.  We headed for Hathern.  I’d picked up on the Oakley Grange Farm, Café & Deli thanks to a friend and a few mentions on Facebook – my curiosity was piqued.

We turned off the road and along the driveway to the farm passing alongside a field of happy but damp pigs.  We arrived in front of a lovely double height brick barn with tall windows and a welcome glow inside.

Oakley Grange is owned by Richard & Inger Mee.  The English and Danish mix of influence is evident in the range of food and goods on sale.  We settled down with a generous pot of tea for two served in a lovely Picquotware teapot, a slice of Porter cake and a Kringle Danish Pastry.

The Farm Café itself is well laid out, with a mezzanine floor and a separate room just off the mezz suitable for private hire or events.  The whole space has an airy feel and the sound absorbing wood and brick stop the clatter and noise that so many places suffer.

The menu’s varied, agreeably short and very reasonably priced.  As many of the ingredients as possible are grown or reared on the farm itself or are from local suppliers. Had we known we’d have arrived earlier as there was a fine looking organic breakfast (and a veggie alternative) for under £6 – served at weekends only.

The Deli is very well stocked with all sorts of fresh and pantry goodies for enthusiastic home bakers and chefs. The Lakrids liquorice products (another Danish touch) including Liquorice Powder certainly got my imagination going, it’s also great to know there’s a tableful of Steenbergs spices a short drive away.  Fresh goods include home baked bread, pastries, organic farm eggs and Cumbrian Chorizo.  The cheese counter is a discovery in itself – Old Hovel Goats, Sparkenhoe Red Leicester, Battlefield Blue, Godminster, Lancashire Volcano, with names like that you have to take some home!

Is that it? No. You’ll also find very well chosen vintage tea sets, Piquotware, a range of handmade crafts, cards, and jewellery – including some from Nicolette Potton.  Plus soft toys in the form of Danish Nisse and some charming Maileg mice.

If this all sounds a bit of a mish mash – it isn’t – it’s a fascinating and very tempting browse!


Oakley Grange Farm, Café & Delicatessen is on Shepshed Road, Hathern, Leicestershire & opens Thursday to Sunday 10am – 5pm

Find them on Facebook and watch the website for events – which have previously included craft fairs and Artisan bread workshops.