Maxine Greer – Artist & Designer

Maxine Greer brought a hundred and more of her white paper birds to the Club Tropicana clandestine cake club event earlier in July. Maxine installed The Flock in the kitchen and garden for people to discover as the event took place.

Maxine’s work over the past 15 years has utilised metaphor to tell stories, evoke memories and reflect on change. In 2007 the Sparrow was put on the ‘red list’ of threatened species. Maxine asked people at the event about their relationship to the Sparrow and other birds, and they told her their bird stories and memories.

The birds provided a great focus and ice breaker, people were enchanted by the work, made a connection with it, and whilst it was not a ‘hard sell’ it did lead to sales.

Pete Mosley, creative coach & writer, has written a short piece about this approach to art installations entitled Discovery Marketing on his blog Creative Musings.

Find out more about Maxine and her work on her website