Once upon a cake…

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One warm and changeable day in mid September 32 adults and children with cakes followed a trail of balloons to a hidden woodland clearing to find a cabin decorated with bunting and tables with flowers in hand-painted jam-jars.  We’d been invited to take the Clandestine Cake Club to a secret camp in the Swithland Woods. Cakes were ceremoniously placed on the table, admired, then cut and our second Clandestine Cake Club was underway.

The children happily wandered off to explore the woods with their new friends, coming back laden with acorns and leaves, eating more naughty clandestine cake (they loved the ‘secret’ cakes!) heading off again.

Ominous grey clouds threatened overhead and the rain pelted down, everyone tucked in under the gazebo and in the cabin, sharing plates of cake and being British In The Face of Bad Weather while the rain dampened paper plates but not the collective spirit. We continued to anger the rain gods with our shameless al fresco cake eating; they soon gave up and moved on to softer targets, giving our fairy cake story a happy ending.

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