Sugar Rush Mountain – a culinary confession

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A previous Clandestine Cake Club gathering ‘Once upon a cake…’ in Swithland Woods was a family orientated one, so I wanted to make something ‘child friendly’.  I’d been attracted to the ‘Oreo Dirt Cake’ school of cuisine and set about to construct something along those lines.

I researched recipes and was horrified with the ingredients but had a deadline so needed to plough on. This form of ‘baking’ is from the American school of culinary ‘construction’ – opening packets, adding milk and an awful lot of vegetable oil.

I knew I wanted the ‘cake’ to have some substance to it, so I went with the cheap and cheerful American flow and used a readymade Devil’s Food Cake mix (a confession that may lead to my expulsion from cake club forthwith….) to make the strata of the mountain, slicing the two halves of the cake horizontally to get 4 rounds.

I layered this with the ‘pudding’ mix, and ‘Oreo dirt’ – which is very convincing – and made boulders out of some of the pudding mix once it had been chilled.

‘Sugar Rush Mountain – Land of the Giant Snakes. The Ugliest Cake in the World’ was born.  The label said it was – ‘Made with dirt, really evil wriggly snakes, the horrid stuff from the bottom of the lake, all mixed together with a bad smell and a sprinkle of jumping powder, oh – and more dirt.’  The children loved it.

It was all a bit haphazard so I am loathe to offer a recipe. However this one gives you a good idea of how it all works, all I did was add the cake and a less dainty presentation!

I think the only concession to ‘heathy’ was the gummy snakes were from the Natural Confectionary Company….

Here’s more about the event from the awannabefoodie guest blog for Midlands Food Bloggers.