Molly and Dolly and the ‘Happy’ dress

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My niece, Imogen (2 and a few quarters) came to visit for an afternoon along with Molly and Dolly her Clothkits dolls.

We spent the time designing and making dresses for each of the dolls.  Dolly was soon dressed in a purple shift dress with yellow butterflies and sparky flowers that were scattered on the dress by Imogen – and once placement approved – sewn on by me.  Molly’s dress took a little longer as Imogen painted the fabric with her trademark ‘Happys’ design, declaring – ‘Perfect!’ once she’d added the last stroke of glittery yellow paint to the shift.

Then we had tea and biscuits before Molly, Dolly & Imogen were taken home for their tea.

You can find out more about Clothkits dolls here