Clandestine Cake Club – All the Fun of the Fair

When it gets to the end of October the year seems to fast forward from one celebration lighting up the streets and night sky to another – Halloween, Bonfire Night, and in Loughborough, The Fair arrives on the second Thursday of November, dating back to the thirteenth century and still “held in the streets and squares of the town.”

The fair was the inspiration for this Clandestine Cake Club event. People negotiated their way carefully with their cakes through the crowds enjoying the fair, and met up at the Town Hall in the main market square where the staff made us very welcome.

The cakes celebrated the tastes and experiences of the fair, with Toffee Apple cakes (one deliciously spiced and the other marvelously gooey), Raspberry Sherbet Bundt cake, Orange Syrup cake (representing the goldfishes that used to be funfair prizes), an interactive Hook a Duck Coconut Milk Cake, Carousels and a Smartie and neon sign topped chocolate cake.

After the event people packed up their cake boxes and went off to explore the bright lights – and in search of roasted chestnuts (a savoury chaser to all that cake!).

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