Clandestine Cake Club at Chocolate Alchemy

The Loughborough Clandestine Cake Club laughed in the face of January detox diets and weight loss regimes for a night – and spent a very happy evening at Chocolate Alchemy, a welcoming independent shop selling handcrafted chocolates with a first class coffee shop specialising in hot chocolate.

We’d promoted the Loughborough group at the Quorn Arts & Crafts Trail in November 2012, and this seemed to have paid off, as over half the people had not been to a cake club before.

We had 15 cakes and 20 people, so that was a very good people/cake ratio! Dan from Chocolate Alchemy baked a Salted Caramel Popcorn cake in honour of National Popcorn Day, and ran an interesting session where we tasted 7 different types of chocolate. We also got to look around the chocolatiers kitchens and learnt some of the secrets of chocolate making that are taught in their popular workshops.

The cakes ranged from dense truffle cakes, to lighter white chocolate cakes, to cakes matching chocolate with Guinness, raspberry, orange, cherry and gooey meringue.  We had three tales of baking ‘disasters’ – but they still tasted great!

It was a fabulous evening with great hosts and company – thank you Pete and Dan, and everyone that came along.

Over the past few weeks Chocolate Alchemy have been offering their customers a ‘Cake of the Week’ – this trend can only continue – so I’ll certainly be heading over there to try them out!

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