Martin Currie, Raygun Consultant

Martin Currie is a film editor based in Sheffield. When he’s not editing films for corporate clients he can be found putting his creativity into a host of other projects.

Martin’s the initiator and Director of the brilliant Cheap Thrills, Zero Budget Film Festival, which has been held with and within the community of Pitsmoor, Sheffield since 2011. The way he galvanises the enthusiasm and participation of a host of children and adults to create films for and deliver this event, has earned him the moniker of  ‘….one of the UK’s genuinely original eccentrics’. His mastery with cardboard – for the creation of well, anything –  reached a notable peak recently with the fashioning of Judge uniforms for a comic conference.

Martin also runs an Intergalactic Raygun Consultancy presenting short educational talks on types, care of, and the dangers of Rayguns. Having long mastered time travel, Martin has taken on his past self as an apprentice, so is truly self employed. Martin and his apprentice will be exhibiting and talking about Rayguns in The Shed at my NGS Open Garden & Secret Craft Fair on the 15th of June.

I had a chat with Martin over a glass of wine and asked him about what he was bringing to the event, and gardens.  You can listen to a short podcast of our discussion about how to find Rayguns, why women think they’re daft, rope ladders, Golden Nuggets, and sitting in a cardboard box in the rain reading Knockout comic here.

Meet Martin Currie and find out more about Rayguns at the NGS Open Garden & Secret Craft Fair in Loughborough, Leicestershire on the 15th of June. Catch him for one day only before he heads off to Steampunk Doncaster on Sunday.

Come along and find out why it’s polite to make a noise such as ‘Pew Pew Pew’ or ‘Zap’ when firing a raygun.

Website  www.ispy-rayguns

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