Barry Bulsara, Printmaker

Barry Bulsara is a graphic designer & fine art screen printer based in Loughborough. Barry will be bringing some of his work to the NGS Open Garden & Secret Craft Fair on the 15th & 16th of June.

I came across Barry’s work a couple of years ago. It has a humour that appeals to your inner geek – whether that’s sci fi or music, and whilst his work is certainly not just for blokes – one of his handmade prints or cards will be great for Fathers Day. Barry exhibits regularly, and often in places where you can enjoy a drink while contemplating the work, if you are in Sheffield check out the exhibition of his screen prints in the DaDa bar that’s on until Sunday 4th August 2013.

Barry recently collaborated with film maker Thomas Tyrrell as part of a joint project between members of the Leicester Print Workshop and SevenFive Productions. Barry and Thomas made this six minute film showing his working process from sketching the idea through to final print making.

I asked Barry about his work, and gardens.

What are you currently involved in? Currently I’m working on various new print designs all in different stages of completion and am in the process of producing my first range of t-shirts based on my print designs.

Do gardens inspire what you make or do? I don’t think I get any particular inspiration from gardens, although having said that I do enjoy sitting in the beer garden of my local Orange Tree doodling new ideas but only when the weathers nice!

What are you bringing to the secret craft fair? I’ll be bring my collection of limited edition screen prints as well as a new range of hand printed greeting cards.

In terms of being outdoors , tell me about your –

Earliest memory: My earliest outdoor memory is probably being on the beach, I think it was Skegness and being amazed by the sea and all that sand to play with!

Strangest/best place: Hmm, difficult, can’t think of anywhere strange but the best place was probably the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. I was there for a week as part of a year long trip around the world many years ago. It’s probably the closest thing to paradise I’ve ever been.

and – what sort of a gardener are you? I’m a terrible gardener and mine is currently an overgrown mess!

You can see and purchase work by Barry Bulsara and other artists at the NGS Open Garden & Secret Craft Fair in Loughborough, Leicestershire on the 15th & 16th of June.


Twitter    @BarryDBulsara