anon.creatives : Away with the Faeries

I have just received this lovely letter confirming that Oberon has authorised two of his faerie representatives to occupy sheds in Herrick Road over the weekend of the Secret Craft Fair and Open Garden.

I contacted Oberon, no pictures of the faeries are allowed, but I was granted a short interview with Orange Blossom and Freckles, his two local agents for the prevention of negativity and promotion of creativity.

[OB] Can we both say how pleased we are to be invited to your Open Garden event

[F] Yes, we love gardens, love craft we both know it will be time well spent!

We met through anon.creatives. How long have you been associated with anon.creatives?

[F] From the beginning, 2 years ago – it’s a battle in Loughborough, sometimes progress is slow.

[OB] – Needs determination and hard work for creativity to grow.

[F] Through events, open mics and partnership working,

anon are stamping out the negativity lurking

[OB] The Refectory Table, have been a great support – they work well with creatives of all sorts!

Gosh, thanks.  What can attendees expect from you for next weekend’s event?

[F] Magic, creativity and campaigning – there’s important work to do – even if raining!

[OB] Noo! That’s bad luck Freckles, don’t mention the weather!

(don’t worry I’ve packed my faeire’s barometer and of course my feather)

Your.. ‘feather’?

[OB] Yes, of course,

faeries use feathers for many a purpose

[F] ..(We aren’t fully qualified yet though,

need one last certificate in ‘the feather’s from a crow’)

Sounds like a tricky qualification? Good luck!

[OB] Thanks! Your event will be good practice – if we get it wrong, we beg your pardon!

[F] See you at the bottom of the garden!


Orange Blossom and Freckles will be removing negativity and allowing creativity to grow for the Borough of Charnwood at the bottom of the gardens at the NGS Open Garden & Secret Craft Fair in Loughborough, Leicestershire on the 7 & 8 of June.

Other artists and makers exhibiting at the Secret Craft Fair include, Bridget McVey, Helen Rhodes, Jane Bevan, The Green Woodpecker and Olivier Marc Thomas Leger.

Read more about what goes on in our shed here.

anon.creatives are a Loughborough based arts collective focused on developing the artistic/creative atmosphere in Loughborough. The name was chosen as it encapsulates the all-encompassing nature of the collective – all artists are welcome, no name or reputation is required. Having attended a few of their events we’ve entered into a series of collaborations between the group and my project The Refectory Table. Watch out for more over the next few months.