Hook-a-Duck Coconut Milk Candyfloss Cake

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I needed to come up with a cake for a Clandestine Cake Club to fit with the theme All the Fun on the Fair.  I really fancied making the Dan Lepard Coconut Milk cake again – and as the ingredients included coconut, lime and rum it had an appropriate Coconut Shy plus Bacardi Breezer feel to it.  Plus – it was the ideal stage for a small pond, 5 ducks and some fishing rods.

After some experimentation with icing I decided to make the ducks out of Fimo. I then made 3 fishing rods out by painting wooden skewers and wrapping them partway with washi tape for the handles. Pete fashioned some hooks from brass paperclips.

The baking went well – it’s a reliable recipe and makes a lovely light cake, which I layered and covered with meringue butter cream icing – again – very light.

I coloured fondant icing to make a pond, and inserted short lengths of plastic straws into the cake as fishing rod holders.  I then made some mini-candyfloss on sticks and popped these round the pond.

People enjoyed playing Hook-a-Duck then winning candyfloss – and a slice of cake.

My blog about the event’s here, you’ll find more on the Make, Do and Spend blog.