Christine Hawkins, Apothecary

Christine Hawkins is the owner of The Apothecary Room. Christine hand blends essential oils to make aromatic and therapeutic beauty products, and is based in a tiny village in Northamptonshire.

I met Christine at the British Craft Trade Fair in April this year, an unusual place to come across body products that are topical rather than wearable – so curiosity drew me towards her stand, and I liked what I smelt!

Christine’s products are made from natural plant ingredients, so it seemed natural to invite her to participate in the Open Garden & Secret Craft Fair.

I had a chat with Christine about her products and her relationship with plants and gardens.

What are you currently involved in? I’m working on some new products specifically with the gardener in mind and am in the midst of renovating my barn.

How do gardens inspire what you make or do? Plants are the main inspiration for my work.  The essential oils from flowers and herbs are so powerful and have been used for centuries to heal.  I plant my garden with the things that I use in my products which in turn inspires me to try new combinations of scents. 

What are you bringing to the secret craft fair?  I’ll be bringing my new range of hand scrubs, hand oils and insect repellants together with some detoxifying and muscle relaxing bath salts and a wonderful nail and cuticle oil.

In terms of Gardens, tell me about your –

Earliest memory: My earliest memory is of my Grandads garden, he had a little terraced house but the back garden was a riot of colour and he loved passionflowers, which he grew in abundance.

The best thing you’ve seen: The best thing was when my first rose cuttings survived, flourished and are now planted in the garden.

Happiest time:  At the end of a long day at my desk being able to walk out into the garden and do some pottering about.

And – what sort of a gardener are you? I don’t really have a plan and tend to plant things I like and hope they all work together!  I do try and plant bee friendly things and make sure I don’t use any pesticides.  I’m constantly amazed when things I’ve planted grow and flourish!

You can experience the new range of products for the gardener by The Apothecary Room, and see work by artists and makers at the NGS Open Garden & Secret Craft Fair in Loughborough, Leicestershire on the 15th & 16th of June.