Lindsey Watson, Yoga Tutor

Lindsey Watson is a Yoga Tutor based at The Lotus Room, a dedicated yoga studio that she opened last autumn in Loughborough. Lindsey hosts courses and workshops, and runs yoga retreats in Andalucia and the UK.

I met Lindsey last year when I was invited to go camping with a group of friends. We’ve collaborated on and taken part in a number of each other’s projects since then.  My first experience of Yoga was under her tutelage at the Lotus Room, I was amazed at how relaxed, yet alert it left me feeling for the rest of the day.

Lindsey will be at the NGS Open Garden & Secret Craft Fair on the 16th of June. I chased Lindsey up for a chat to find out what she was up to, and what she was bringing to the event.

What are you currently involved with? I work on a voluntary basis for a charity, The British Wheel of Yoga, as Leicestershire County representative. At the moment I am organising the BWY East Midlands Yoga Festival, this is all about sharing the joy of yoga and is taking place at Ulverscroft Manor, a charming venue hidden in the heart of Charnwood Forest. There will be teachers from the East Midlands presenting a wide range of yoga, meditation and relaxation sessions in different spaces including a yurt in the woods!

I’m also organising the Quorn Arts & Crafts Festive Trail. The concept behind this is to bring local artists, businesses and the community together within a trail of local establishments on 1st December 2013. This is great promotion for everyone involved, and a wonderful day out for all. Last year we raised around £1500 for charity. This will be the second Festive Trail, so co-organiser Rachel White and I will have a much better idea of what we’re doing! We have another venue, more sellers, and hope that between us all we can raise an even higher amount for local charities The Bridge and Rainbows.

How do gardens inspire what you make or do?  Yoga is very much inspired by nature. The ancient yogis observed the breath and movement of animals and nature. The curve of a bird’s beak, the unfurling of a blade of grass… Noticing this grace and good health, the yogis developed asana (postures) and pranayama (extended breathing) amongst many other things, to improve the wellbeing of humans.

For me there is no greater joy than to practice yoga outdoors. The wonderful thing about running retreats in Spain is the alfresco yoga sessions! Somewhere up a mountain with stunning views of forests, olive groves, the sea in the distance, the smell of wild mountain herbs, the stillness… Even in Leicestershire, an early sunny morning inspires me to take my yoga mat outside. I have a dedicated area in my own garden, working on my personal practice, planning sessions, or just sitting peacefully under the wistful gaze of the stone Buddha.

I love photography, and I have also created Anamdaroma – a range of lotions and potions based on the essential oils that I use at The Lotus Room. I’ve moved on a little from the jam jars filled with rose petals and rainwater that I used to enjoy making when I was a child!

What are you bringing to the Open Garden & Secret Craft Fair? I will be bringing a special morning yoga session on Sunday 16th June. Outdoors of course! There may not quite be room for everyone to join in, but I will be around to answer any questions about yoga, and the courses, workshops and retreats that I run.

In terms of gardens, tell me a little about your –

Earliest memory: One of my earliest memories, I was probably about 3, was rescuing a discarded, very elderly and out of date packet of seeds and planting them. To my surprise – and everyone else’s’ I expect – I harvested a bunch of perfect, tiny orange carrots! Even to this day I experience that thrill of delight every time I grow something from seed, and the cycles of nature never cease to amaze me.

Happiest time: Never ending sunny days…Wandering around with fresh cut rhubarb and a saucer of honey… Making perfume from rose petals…

And – what sort of a gardener are you? I am quite a haphazard gardener I must admit. I plant a lot of things that grew in the gardens that I have happy memories of as a child. Currently there is an explosion of lilac, bay, forget-me-nots, woodsorrel, lavender, sedum and wild geraniums. Amongst these you will find fennel, oregano and chives.

If you’d like to take part in the morning Yoga session with Lindsey at 11am on the 16th June please contact me via the form on this page. Booking is essential.

Lindsey Watson will be at the NGS Open Garden & Secret Craft Fair in Loughborough Leicestershire on 16th of June.  Come along and have a chat, and sit peacefully in the garden!


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