Maxine Greer, Artist

Maxine Greer is an artist based in Stamford Lincolnshire. You may have seen her work on this blog before now – particularly the flock of paper sparrows which has been featured twice – once for a Clandestine Cake Club and in the 2012 Secret Craft Fair.

This time Maxine will be bringing her Peg Doll Synchronised Swimming Team to the 2013 NGS Open Garden & Secret Craft Fair in June. We are turning The Shed at the bottom of the garden into a pop-up cinema for the day and premiering Maxine’s stop motion film ‘Peg Tango‘. Maxine’s paper birds will also be on sale over the weekend.

I had a chat with Maxine about her work.

What do you make or do? Amongst other things I produce installations. I think I draw and even though little of my recent work involves pencils on paper, to me it’s all still drawing.

What are you currently involved in? I’m currently excited about animating everyday objects.

How do gardens inspire what you make or do? My installations have involved hundreds of paper sparrows, at the moment it’s lots of pegs. The connection is my environment and the stories we collect.

What will you be bringing to the secret craft fair? Lots of pegs, Charlotte’s posies and a washing line.  

We all have memories and experiences of gardens, what is your –

Earliest memory? Growing sweet peas and lupins and being squeamish about the earwigs when the lupins dried out at the end of summer.

Strangest happening? Waking early to commence the great British garden watch and finding a sparrow hawk perched on the trellis. 

Happiest time? Making dens from net curtains, a clothes horse and pegs.

And – what sort of a gardener are you? Theoretical: Let the wild things grow.


Twitter  @MaxineGreer