Seasonal Favourite – Mushroom, Stilton & Chestnut Pie

I’ve trawled shelves and the web seeking the original copy of this recipe – thought it was ‘A Delia’ as it emerged around the same time as another Winter family favourite –  Delia’s… Continue reading

Vintage & Ephemera at Jackdaw Bygones

There’s a flea market every Friday in Loughborough – it’s worth a stroll around as there’s always something new to see.  Jackie’s stall was always a draw for me with its piles of… Continue reading

Handmade Friends

Following a discussion about childhood pastimes I was given a fun and original gift for my birthday in July.  A peg doll of me.  This was created by artist Maxine Greer who also gave… Continue reading

Quorn Arts & Crafts Festive Trail

  The Refectory Table took part in a craft fair the other week.  I was originally just going to advertise in the event leaflet – but then Pete and I decided we’d like… Continue reading

Hook-a-Duck Coconut Milk Candyfloss Cake

I needed to come up with a cake for a Clandestine Cake Club to fit with the theme All the Fun on the Fair.  I really fancied making the Dan Lepard Coconut Milk… Continue reading

Clandestine Cake Club – All the Fun of the Fair

When it gets to the end of October the year seems to fast forward from one celebration lighting up the streets and night sky to another – Halloween, Bonfire Night, and in Loughborough,… Continue reading

Molly and Dolly and the ‘Happy’ dress

My niece, Imogen (2 and a few quarters) came to visit for an afternoon along with Molly and Dolly her Clothkits dolls. We spent the time designing and making dresses for each of… Continue reading

Time to Think – The Creative Business Away Day

The new autumn term got off to a flying start at The Refectory Table with our Creative Business Away Day.  We’ve designed this particular workshop for people seeking some structured time out to… Continue reading

The Watering Can

I’ve always wanted a long reach watering can – the sort that can easily stretch into the border and drench plants whilst looking purposeful and elegant. I’d wanted a galvanized can, until I… Continue reading

The Zero Budget interview

I’ve been working on the promo for this years Cheap Thrills – Zero Budget Film Festival, held in Sheffield.  We needed a little film for the website etc. about the festival and what… Continue reading